Monday, February 18, 2019

The Arizona Schools are Coming to Maples This Weekend

The Arizona Wildcats are coming to town for a Friday evening game at 7PM. They're fresh off a sweep of the mountain schools and, after watching the game film from USC, they're likely feeling ready to
upset the 7th ranked Cardinal. In their last two games they beat the Utes by 11 and the Buffs by 12. Aari MacDonald is the 2nd leading scorer in the country at just over 25 points per game. Against the Buffalos, Cate Reese was their leading scorer and rebounder.

Stanford hopefully can use this game and the next three to get themselves ready to soar in the PAC12 tournament.

Then on Sunday at 1PM we tip off against the Arizona State Sun Devils. You know the 17th ranked Devils. Charlie is a hellofa coach. Ibis has the heart of a lion and finishes as well as any 6'-1" player in the west. Her unwavering spirit has infected the whole team as they fight their way through the PAC12. Last Sunday they pulled off the greatest comeback of the year, playing Utah down in Tempe. With 7:45 remaining, the Devils trailed the Utes by 18 and scored the last 20 points of the game and won by 2. That's showing the heart of your team. Enmark, Ryan, and Ibis were all in double figures and the Devils are on a 5 game winning streak.

Here are highlights from ASU's amazing comeback win over Utah -

They have no intention of losing on Sunday. They're a better, stronger, and tougher team than the one we beat down at their place in early January. This will be a battle - and Stanford needs to show the women's basketball world what they're made of. 

Come and support your 7th ranked Cardinal team!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

This Weekend Stanford Heads South to Take on the LA Schools

Pauley Pavilion at 6PM on Friday. This week the Cardinal will need to shake off the thrashing they
went through on Sunday. UCLA has improved considerably since we played them on January 6th. In the Huntsman Center last weekend they beat the Utes 100 to 90 and looked good doing it. Their three key players were over 20 - Michaela Onyenwere 25, Japreece Dean 24, Kennedy Burke 26.

Stanford will need to take their A game against UCLA and hit their shots.

Included below are current player stats --- click on the images to enlarge.

UCLA player stats - click on image to enlarge

Then we head across town to the Galen Center on Sunday at Noon. USC is still having an up and down season. They beat UCLA in late January and Utah last Friday in Salt Lake - then lost to Colorado on Sunday. Desiree Caldwell is scoring in bunches.

Friday and Sunday will be a great opportunity for our team to get their mojo back and
to get over their tendency to go cold in away games. In their six remaining regular season games the Cardinal need to fully prepare themselves to succeed in the PAC12 tournament and the NCAA tournament. These are crucial games!!!

Current USC player stats are shown below - click on the image to enlarge.
USC player stats - click on image to enlarge

Monday, February 4, 2019

The Oregon Schools are coming to Maples Next Weekend

Stanford's going to have it out with the Beavers at six o'clock Friday night (2/8). You need to be there. It's going to be a epic battle. On paper it's dead even - but that's where you and I come in - we're an important part of the Maple effect. Our team plays better at home - they feel better and they
shoot better in their own building with the crowd, the band, and the spirit squad all behind them.

As the season approaches its finale, the Cardinal players need to overcome their proclivity to shoot poorly away from home, but for this weekend we all need to be there in full voice. It's so great to have Maya back - and man will we need her. Their 6'-8" Polish player, Joanna Grymek, has about an 8" vertical, but that's been plenty in most of their games because she's so long. Maya has a bigger vertical is quicker off the floor, and that will enable her to rebound and shoot with Ms. Grymek. 

Destiny Slocum is a transfer from Maryland and is a dynamite point guard. She's their highest scorer this year and will be a great matchup for Kiana. Staying in front of her on defense will be one of Kiana's biggest challenges this season.

The three-point shot is an important part of their offense. They lost Kat Tudor, their premier shooter, the same week we lost Nadia. Their second and third best shooters have stepped up to fill that void - Katie McWilliams and Aleah Goodman are both terrific.

I'm sure you remember Mikayla Pivec from last season, and this year she's just as tough and more effective. The same can be said for Taya Corosdale, good rebounder and decent scorer. So, Friday will be a big test. You need to bring your support and enthusiasm and let'em hear you.

Then on Sunday (2/10) at 1 PM the Ducks waddle into Maples. When I think of the Ducks, I'll always see Brittany going off on them up there in the second half last season.  In the Press Conference afterward Kelly Graves was wonderfully candid, "She's a senior and she made up her mind to win the game - and she did." Her team fed her and she got hot - 3 points in the first half and 30 in the second. She must have hit about a dozen ten foot pull-up jumpers.

We have a senior with that kind of performance in her. I'd love to watch Alanna take over the game on Sunday. You know all the Oregon players from last year, so I won't list them. They're all terrific. And it would be terrific to beat'em. It'll take a memorable performance - and that's what I'm looking for on Sunday.


The Arizona Schools are Coming to Maples This Weekend

The Arizona Wildcats are coming to town for a Friday evening game at 7PM. They're fresh off a sweep of the mountain schools and, after w...